Construction of building projects

Our company provides reliable solutions in the field of construction of homes, residential and commercial buildings, which are guaranteed by our well-trained craftsmen and experienced

Renovation and repair of buildings

We undertake the renovation of your space with specialized workshops which will take advantage of all the useful spaces for an elegant result based on

Plasterboard installation

We carry out special constructions of plasterboard, partitions, wall coverings with plasterboard, suspended ceilings, installation of cement board in bathrooms and outdoor areas. With the


We undertake the interior and exterior painting of your home, your apartment building or your professional space. Our specialized team is available to meet your

Stone structures

We undertake stone construction, cladding, fireplaces, old bricks, sidewalks and paving. We build entire stone houses, thermal facades of buildings. Our experience and professionalism in

Floor installations

We manufacture and install floors from marble, granite, tiles, wood, laminate etc. indoors and outdoors. We work with well-known companies that are famous for the

Roofs – Tiled roofs

We manufacture or repair roofs, tiled roofs, pergolas and attics. In each of our constructions, the goal is the maximum quality and the perfect aesthetic

Roof waterproofing

Proper insulation can save you money on costly repairs in the future and save you money on oil and electricity. We undertake roof insulation, masonry

Forged cement

Forged cement is a material with wonderful applications and is considered the most ecological material. Its reinforced texture makes it ideal for frequently used floors