Construction of “Villa Daphnis & Chloe” in Loutropoli Thermi

The construction of “Villa Daphnis & Chloe”, one of our biggest projects, lasted around 3 years. The building of 400 sq.m. was erected almost entirely from the beginning. From the paved road, to the heated floor, the pool of 25sq.m. with Roman baths to the roof-top apartments, everything is made with attention to detail. 

Renovation of a house in Skala Eresos

The renovation of this house was completed in 25 days. The floor became all tiled and the bathroom turned into a wider and more functional space. Plasterboards were added for practical reasons and finally insulation materials were used and the whole house was painted.

Construction of a building in Agia Marina

A stone house was erected in Agia Marina. In addition to the construction of the house, which is made entirely of stone, thermal insulation materials, tiles and a fireplace were installed. A wooden roof and skylight were made, the walls were grouted and painted.

Reconstruction of a balcony of a listed building

Reconstruction was done on a dilapidated balcony of an old listed building. First we tore it down and replaced the rusty irons with new ones. Then we made it from scratch and laid the tiles. The aim was for the balcony, after the completion of the works, to be the same as the original balcony […]

Renovation and repair of “Ouzounelli” Pharmacy

An old store was renovated. First, the interior was demolished and excavated, the old stone wall was replaced and the new one was grouted. Then plasterboard was added, laminate was placed, the new store was drilled and painted.   “Achilleas and I collaborated on the renovation of our Pharmacy. Our cooperation exceeded our expectations because […]

Renovation of a two-storey building

An old two-storey building was renovated. It had to be completely demolished and then concrete and bricks had to be put back in order to expand the space. Tiles were placed on interior and exterior floors, as well as on the stairs. An exterior wall was built with a Cycladic architectural design. Finally, external thermal […]